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Upcoming – 4 hour workshop at The Glow Club – Sunday, 9/8, 1-4 PM
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Woven Psyche offers private classes and private instruction opportunities focused on tarot, magic, mindfulness and self-care.  See my course catalog, below. 

While Woven Psyche frequently hosts classes as public, ticketed events, Woven Psyche classes can also be offered privately in your home or in another private location for you and your friends.

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Beginner’s Tarot Workshop – $95 per person – 4 hours




This four hour class will give you a strong primer on everything you need to know to begin your tarot practice and expand your reading skills going forward.

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Advanced Tarot Workshop – $95 per person – 4 hours

Designed specifically for students who have already attended my Beginner’s Tarot Workshop, (or who have had other basic courses on tarot), this four hour class will take your tarot practice to the next level with intuition and meditation exercises, guided practice readings, and in depth discussion of methods for interpreting spreads.

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Tarot Reversals Workshop – $35 per person – 1.5 hours

One obstacle for both new and more experienced tarot readers is understanding how to interpret “reversals” – tarot cards that appear upside-down.  Traditional book meanings for upside-down cards (called “reversals”) are often blunt, negative, and lacking in nuance. This workshop offers fresh, modern approaches to reading tarot cards in reversed position that come from a perspective of self-empowerment and personal affirmation.

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Private Tarot Instruction – starting at $75/hour

For new and intermediate tarot readers in the D.C. area, Woven Psyche offers private, one-on-one, in-person instruction.  This service is ideal for those looking to refine specific elements of their tarot reading practice or prepare themselves to offer readings professionally.  Ask questions, receive guidance as you work your way through a reading, refine your technique and enjoy practice reading opportunities.

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Intuitive Development – $35 per person – 1 hour

This class is a great option for anyone interested in exploring and enhancing her own intuition, anyone who is curious about tarot, and experienced tarot practitioners alike.  It uses tarot guided meditation to unlock inner wisdom.  No prior tarot experience necessary.  This class can also be added on to another Woven Psyche private reading event or workshop.

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Magic 101 – $50 per person – 1.5 hours

Craft your own magic rituals for self love and personal affirmation using a variety of raw materials that will be provided, plus brainstorming exercises.  This class works great in combination with Woven Psyche’s Intuitive Development workshop above.

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Perfume Making – $50 per person – 2 hours

Self-care and pampering, luxurious self-love is a huge part of being a well-rounded, intuitive, mindful being.  And working with essential oils and delicious elixirs goes hand in hand with mindfulness and magic ritual.  This is why Woven Psyche offers a perfume making course that comes with all the instruction and materials you need to craft your own 9mL (1/3 oz) custom perfume.  This class is great as a stand-alone or in addition to another class (like Psychic Development) or tarot reading party.

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