Online Tarot Themed Costume Contest


Enter in Woven Psyche’s online tarot-themed costume contest to win a free half-hour tarot reading over the phone, mention in Woven Psyche’s media channels, and a $100 discount on unlimited lifetime membership in Woven Psyche’s Online Tarot Classroom.

How to compete:

  1. Use items that you already have around your house to create a fabulous costume inspired by one of the cards in the tarot.
  2. Post a fabulous photo of you wearing your costume to Instagram, and make sure it’s clear in the caption what card your costume is based on.
  3. Tag @wovenpsyche in your photo description and also include the hashtags #wovenpsyche & #wovenpsychecostume.
  4. Make sure you are following Woven Psyche on Instagram.

By competing, you agree to allow Woven Psyche to share or repost your photo on Instagram and on other online platforms (such as, regardless of whether you win.

The contest winner will be announced on April 2 and Woven Psyche will reach out to you by Instagram direct message with instructions on claiming your free tarot reading and classroom discount.  You will need to provide Woven Psyche with both your phone number and e-mail address at that time.  To enjoy the full benefits of classroom membership you will need to have an active Facebook account.


How contestants will be judged:

Contestants will be judged on 4 criteria.  Up to 5 points can be awarded in each of these categories.  The contestant with the highest point value (up to 20) will be named the winner.  Woven Psyche reserves sole discretion to judge this competition, based on Woven Psyche’s subjective application of each of the named criteria, and Woven Psyche’s decision will be final.

Did you werk?  How much attention to detail did you use?  Did you pay attention to styling, hair, makeup, setting and photography as much as to your costume?

How much ingenuity did you use when building your costume?  Did you just throw on clothing you already owned, or did you repurpose clothing and non-clothing items in ways that are totally different from the way they are normally used?

Is your costume gorgeous?  Or if it isn’t intended to be gorgeous, really cool and artistic looking?

Tarot Authenticity
Did you really capture the essence of the tarot card you are portraying?


Address any further questions to