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Woven Psyche is about self care, and Woven Psyche believes that treating oneself to life’s little luxuries is an important component of self care.  What’s more luxurious than working one-on-one with a perfume consultant to design a fragrance that’s unique to you?

Woven Psyche has years of experience blending custom fragrance oils and teaching perfume blending workshops.  Clients now have the ability to work with Woven Psyche to develop their own unique fragrance.  Woven Psyche’s fragrance consulting services aren’t about receiving a single bottle of perfume – they’re about receiving the formula that lets you re-create your custom-designed perfume over and over again.




Woven Psyche’s custom perfume consultation consists of the following steps:

(1) Once you sign up, Woven Psyche will e-mail you a detailed questionnaire to understand your fragrance preferences.

(2) Woven Psyche will use your responses to blend 3 to 4 sample perfume bases that will form the foundation of a complete custom perfume.

(3) You and Woven Psyche will meet in person to review the sample bases, smell additional fragrance notes, and discuss what does and does not work for you.  You will also select a name for your perfume.  If you are not in the Washington, D.C. area this consultation can be modified to take place online or over the phone.

(4) Woven Psyche will use your feedback to build upon your chosen base and develop a complete perfume tailored to your preferences.

(5) Woven Psyche will provide you with the formula for the final perfume blend so that
you will always be able to recreate your fragrance.  This will also enable you to continue to play with the fragrance on your own, adding and taking away ingredients as your tastes change.

(6) As a free thank you gift, Woven Psyche will also provide you with a 9mL roll-on bottle of your custom blended fragrance.


Total Cost: $145 – contact to book.

*Note: perfumes are oil based.



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