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A big part of Woven Psyche’s self care philosophy is the importance of treating ourselves like goddesses, and pampering ourselves with small and affordable luxuries.  It’s also really important to support small businesses, especially woman-owned ones.  Here’s a list of 10 woman-owned businesses for gifts that bring out the inner goddess, whether you’re seeking to pamper a loved one or to treat yourself.

I am not receiving any compensation for featuring these businesses, so if it’s here it’s because I genuinely recommend it.


20181120_113956Lingua Nigra / IG
This one-woman jewelry brand by independent artist Alicia was the inspiration behind this entire gift guide, and there is a backstory.  More than a decade ago I discovered and fell in love with Alicia’s work in a boutique in Boston’s South End.  A poor student at the time, I picked up a small pair of gold studs, but I continued to follow her on Etsy and eventually on her Instagram and separate website.  I always loved the look of her handcrafted pieces – they looked like they simultaneously belonged in an antiquities museum and a science fiction film.  Then, fast forward to 2018 when I was randomly walking around D.C.’s National Harbor, where Lingua Nigra happened to have a vendor table set up and I unexpectedly got to meet Alicia in person.  It was then that I picked up the totally unusual earrings and gorgeous bangle featured in this and the next two photos. Alicia takes a lot of inspiration from insects and other small natural objects, and her work is a product of meticulously detailed casting techniques.



Savage Jenny and Elektra Cosmetics


IMG_20181025_133029_071Savage Jenny / IG  is one of two small, woman-owned cosmetics companies I discovered at a late night art market in New Orleans. Savage Jenny features edible, nontoxic mineral powder makeup.  In these pictures I layered two different shades of Savage Jenny lip gloss: a pinkish red under that most goddessy of colors, metallic gold.  Savage Jenny has some of the richest shades I have ever seen and I love how they experiment with metallics and iridescence.



IMG_20181025_132904_775Elektra Cosmetics / IG is the other of my New Orleans cosmetics discoveries.  In the photos I am wearing Elektra Cosmetics Bolt Balm on my cheeks – again in my favorite goddessy color, metallic gold.  I love facial glitters, but it’s hard to find ones that look sophisticated.  Elektra has found a perfect balance, with products that are easy to apply and remove in a variety of nuanced colors.  I love the Bolt Balm in particular because it goes on like a cool gel but dries quickly.  Once dry, it will stay on until you’re ready to remove it, and then you can simply brush it off.



Version 2


Sabrina Cabada / IG

Local DMV artist Sabrina Cabada makes amazing pieces featuring women being fabulous and doing their own thing.  There’s something subtly subversive about the overt and unapologetic femininity of Sabrina’s subjects – these women are fashionable and girly, but they are also unapologetic in that femininity, with an “I’ll do what I want” attitude and a coquettish twist.  Selected pieces of original art are available and Sabrina also offers some of my favorite pieces as high quality prints in three sizes.




MC Tarot

The Moonchild Tarot / IG

This gorgeous tarot deck independently published by artist Danielle Noel is goddessy AF.  If you know a new or experienced tarot reader – or anyone who would appreciate a 78 card deck of detailed, feminine, celestial imagery – this deck would make an incredible offering.  Check out the Moon Child’s Instagram to see more of the deck’s amazing images.




WPGC previewWoven Psyche Gift Certificates

Did you know that you can purchase a gift certificate good for any of Woven Psyche’s services?  Use Woven Psyche gift certificates to gift a friend a one-on-one tarot reading, private coaching, or a credit that can be applied towards any of Woven Psyche’s ticketed classes or events in the D.C. area.



TLJThe Lavender Junkie / IG

Priscilla of The Lavender Junkie is one of my collaborators for AWAKEN, our self-care social event.  The Lavender Junkie offers sensualist exercises and coaching to help us stressed out DC ladies feel empowered and connected to our bodies.  Priscilla has very kindly offered Woven Psyche fans a 15% discount off her services – just let her know you heard about her from me 🙂





AWAlison Waldman / IG

Alison Waldman, my other AWAKEN collaborator, is a yoga and movement facilitator in the D.C. area.  She specializes in bringing yoga to nontraditional students in nontraditional spaces, spearheading everything from stretches for workplace wellness to yoga for mindfulness in Jewish spaces.  Alison has also very kindly offered a 15% discount to those who mention Woven Psyche when they reach out!



Take CareTake Care Shop / IG

Switching focus to brick & mortar stores in DC, I highly recommend heading over to Take Care Shop in the Georgetown/Glover Park area.  It’s a shopping experience in a space filled with light, a zen vibe, and amazing scents.  It is another independent, woman owned business with a vision – Becky’s store specializes in unique, organic, sustainable pampering products for you and your friends and fam.  Featured here are some products from the intriguing Herbivore Line that I have always felt drawn to.  I’m also a huge fan of the Sea Botanique products (made with algae) because I cannot get over how soft they made my hands feel after just one use.



Shop Made in DCShop Made in DC / IG

Another Brick & Mortar I had to feature is Shop Made in DC.  Yet another independent, woman-owned business, Shop Made in DC is an unusual space in Dupont Circle that brings together retail items by a curated selection of local artists and small businesses, a rotating café lineup, really good coffee, and interesting events (including a past perfume making workshop by Yours Truly).




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