Become A Goddess

Woven Psyche’s Mystic Goddess Tarot Club is a monthly membership program that celebrates unapologetic femininity through a combination of tarot, mindfulness and luxurious self-care.


Since the Mystic Goddess Tarot Club is a totally new program, it is currently only available to four members on a first-come, first-serve basis at a special promotional monthly rate of $70, with a 3 month up front commitment.  The first four Mystic Goddesses will be able to enjoy this promotional rate forever.  When the program begins accepting additional members the monthly rate will be higher.

Current Mystic Goddess Tarot Club members will receive:

  • A free 30 minute tarot reading over the phone every month
  • Gifts in the mail every month
  • A discounted rate on additional tarot readings, whether by phone or in-person
  • Discounts on all Woven Psyche ticketed and/or private events
  • Personalized tips, meditation prompts and tarot wisdom sent unexpectedly by mail, text, or e-mail

When the program reopens to accept additional Mystic Goddesses, the program will expand to also include special D.C. Area events just for Mystic Goddess Tarot Club members.  Some will be free and some will be ticketed.

Interested in becoming a member of Woven Psyche’s Mystic Goddess Tarot Club?  Inquire at or, if you’re ready, sign up here.  The Club starts May 2018.




Fine Print and FAQ
Promotion Rules:
The first four members (“Initial Members”) to join the Mystic Goddess Tarot Club Program (“the Program”) will enjoy a monthly rate of $70 for the duration of their continuous, uninterrupted participation in the Program.  Woven Psyche asks Initial Members to make a 3 month commitment, paid up front for a total of $210 (before Eventbrite processing fee).  Beyond the first three months of the Program, Initial Members must continue paying $70 every month in order to continue enjoying the $70 rate.  If an Initial Member allows her membership to lapse after the initial 3 month period (i.e., fails to make a payment in any given month) she may rejoin the program at a later date but only at the full monthly rate.  The full monthly rate is yet to be determined.  The date at which the Program will open to additional members at the full monthly rate is yet to be determined.  Woven Psyche reserves the right to increase or decrease the full monthly rate, to leave the monthly rate at $70, or to reduce the monthly rate below $70 at any time for any reason.  Woven Psyche also reserves the right to cancel the Program at any time.  If Woven Psyche cancels the Program during the initial 3 month period, Initial Members will receive a pro-rated refund.  Refunds are also available in the event of nonperformance by Woven Psyche.  Refunds, including pro-rated or partial refunds, are not available under any other circumstances.  Woven Psyche further reserves the right to alter the terms of the program, including the services offered, at any point after the initial 3 month period.
Payment Methods:
Initial Members may join the Program by paying for their first three months of membership using the appropriate listing on Eventbrite.  After the initial three month period, Initial Members may continue paying the $70 promotional membership fee each month via Venmo.  If Initial Members prefer a different method of payment, they may contact Woven Psyche at to arrange payment via PayPal or Eventbrite.  Woven Psyche will contact Initial Members toward the end of the Initial 3 month period to let them know to begin making additional payments, and with specific instructions on how to make payments.


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