Advanced Tarot Workshop


Designed specifically for students who have already attended Woven Psyche’s Beginner’s Tarot Workshop, (or who have had other basic courses on tarot) this four hour class will take your tarot practice to the next level with intuition and meditation exercises, guided practice readings, and in depth discussion of methods for interpreting spreads.

In this four hour intensive workshop you will enjoy:

  • Group discussion and exercises aimed at enhancing intuition and getting “in the zone” before a reading
  • Detailed discussion of methods for interpreting tarot cards in the context of a tarot spread
  • Guidance on developing your own spreads and how to select an appropriate spread for the reading
  • Supervised partner reading exercises with coaching and opportunities for constructive feedback
  • An overview of ethical considerations, tips for reading for different types of clients and in different contexts, tips for dealing with difficult clients, and methods for boosting your reading confidence

Students should already be familiar with:

  • The meanings of all cards in the Major Arcana
  • The differences between the four Minor Arcana suits and the meanings of at least some Minor Arcana cards
  • What a court card is
  • What a tarot spread is

Students should also have had at least some practice giving readings for themselves, friends or family, or other new tarot practitioners.

Students should bring their own tarot deck to class.  If you have more than one deck, bring the one you think you are likely to use the most.  Students should also bring a journal to keep notes in and a writing utensil – it’s recommended that you maintain a tarot journal to take notes on your readings and other tarot resources you may encounter.


Tickets to publicly available Beginner’s Tarot Workshops and Advanced Tarot Workshops are available at  Or contact about hosting a private Advanced Tarot Workshop for you and your past classmates.


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Refund and Cancellation Policy

For public, ticketed classes:

Refunds are not available for this event, but if you cancel at least 24 hours in advance you will receive a credit for the price of your ticket good toward any future Woven Psyche class or event within the next 6 months. E-mail to redeem. Cancellations within fewer than 24 hours of the event start time will not receive refunds or credits.

For private classes:

Refunds are available up to one week before the agreed upon class time.  After one week refunds are no longer available, however Woven Psyche will be happy to work with you to reschedule for another time up to three months after the agreed upon class time.


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