Business Consulting

Woven Psyche can help you grow your tarot business, turning your tarot reading ability into greater financial security.

We’ll develop strategies for better marketing your services, pricing your services so that you earn what you’re worth, and streamlining your tarot offerings to get the most out of the time you dedicate to your business.

“My business consultation with Emily was truly magic…Emily helped me narrow down my ideas, brainstorm next steps, and boosted my confidence so I actually feel prepared and ready to take on the world!”

-Jennifer G.

“What I’m most impressed with is how much she pays attention and really listens to my ideas and visions…I feel like she really took the time to figure out what I was about before making recommendations, and she continues to keep an eye on how I’m evolving between our monthly calls.”

-Geneva V.

“She guided me on tapping into the uniqueness of [my business] by using my multi-disciplinary approach to helping clients to build an action plan to solve their problems…Her insights have given me a lot to reflect on and will result in many new offerings…”

-Shaina L.

“You are amazing! I’m still beaming from our meeting…you honestly have helped me so so much…”

-Holly J.

“I took your advice and I now have 4 clients signed up for my virtual retreat!!! … I wanted to say thank you. Your advice was really simple…it really shifted something for me.”

-Jewel M.

You’ve already built an amazing foundation by developing your tarot practice (if you are still in the learning phase, check out my online tarot classroom!). You know you can help people with your talent. People respect your skills as a reader.

Now seriously imagine yourself a year from now, leveraging that talent to earn income. Imagine a total win-win situation in which you get fair compensation for your time and experience and your clients walk away with the clarity and guidance they needed. Imagine how that will boost your confidence, and how that added revenue will make a difference in your life. Notice how that makes you feel more abundant, more joyful, more relaxed. Wouldn’t you like help making that feeling a reality?

Woven Psyche offers three different investment levels to fit different needs, budgets and lifestyles:

Starter Package – $500 / 1 month
-Discovery call before payment
-Free 1-hour training video on monetizing your tarot practice
-2 additional one-hour consultation calls
-Detailed written improvement recommendations
-Free Instagram for tarot readers course

Standard Package – $2700 / 3 months
-Discovery call before payment
-Free 1-hour training video on monetizing your tarot practice
-2 consultation calls per month
-Website & Social Media Review
-Brand Identity Development
-Service Offerings Development
-Business Policies Review
-Detailed workflow, goal-setting & prioritization plan
-Free Instagram for tarot readers course

VIP Package – $8000/3 months
-Discovery call before payment
-Free 1-hour training video on monetizing your tarot practice
-Up to 10 hours consultation per month, formatted as needed
-Additional text and e-mail availability on weekends
-Assistance drafting policies, template e-mails, website copy, social media content
-Client and business collaboration research
-Assistance developing higher ticket offerings
-Free Instagram for tarot readers course

Ongoing Monthly Support
Contact for a custom proposal. Pricing and commitment requirements will vary depending on services required. Note that Woven Psyche also offers an affordable monthly business subscription for spiritual entrepreneurs seeking business guidance.

*Woven Psyche cannot provide legal, tax, accounting or financial advice.

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