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Whether you’re looking to offer tarot readings at your next D.C. area party or to get together with friends for a private class or workshop, Woven Psyche offers a variety of private event packages to fit every need, below.

E-mail for more information or to book.  You can also learn more about Woven Psyche policies by checking out the FAQ.


Oracle – Starting at $200

Good for larger groups and events, such as a wedding or corporate mixer, the Oracle package offers your guests tarot at its most traditional.  Woven Psyche will provide private 10 minute tarot readings to your party guests on a first-come, first-served basis.  Feel free to set up a table and two chairs in the same room as your main event or in a separate, private space.

The $200 starting price is for two hours of reading time.  $60 for each additional hour with a paid 15 minute break every two hours.

Delphi – $200

For groups of 5 to 15 friends looking to enjoy two hours of tarot in a lighthearted and social setting, the Delphi combines individual tarot readings with interactive performance.  Gather your friends together on the couch or around the dining table (or even at a restaurant!) where Woven Psyche will provide a background on the tarot and how it works.  Each guest will then draw a tarot card and Woven Psyche will provide interpretations of each card out in the open and answer the group’s questions in a free flowing discussion.  Typically 2-3 hours.

Optional: Woven Psyche can stick around and provide private 20-30 minute readings for guests interested in going deeper.  $60 for each additional hour.

Hecate – Starting at $250

For groups of 4 to 10 friends looking to explore their witchy side, Hecate combines elements from Woven Psyche’s Magic 101 and Intuitive Development classes.  Hecate starts with Woven Psyche providing one-card tarot readings for each individual guest(similar to the Delphi package above), walks guests through the elements of designing their own magic spells, and ends with a guided meditation for getting into the zone and tapping the source of guests’ inner power.  Woven Psyche will also provide plenty of spell-crafting materials to get you started.

$250 – two hours of witchy instruction for 4 to 6 guests
$350 – three hours of witchy instruction for 7 to 10 guests

Persephone – Starting at $325

Persephone brings Woven Psyche’s highly popular perfume making workshop to a private space for you and your friends.  You will receive all the instruction and materials you need to blend your own oil-based fragrance, which you will get to take home in its own 9mL roll-on bottle.  You can learn more about Woven Psyche’s perfume making workshops here .  Persephone offers 2 hours of perfume making instruction and guided blending time, plus supplies.

$325 – 4 to 5 people
$375 – 6 to 7 people
$425 – 8 to 10 people

Athena – $475

For groups of friends looking to learn to read tarot together, the Athena brings Woven Psyche’s signature beginner’s tarot workshop to the private space of your choosing, whether in your home or a rented space or even in the back of a bar!  Learn everything you need to know to begin performing your own tarot readings (more info on my beginner’s tarot workshop here).

4 hours including short stretch or snack break.  Ideal for 3 to 10 people.

Nefertiti – Full Day Retreat – starting at $900

Whether you’re looking for a special day-long experience with your girlfriends or to offer a corporate bonding opportunity for employees of your small business, the Nerfertiti package allows you to work with Woven Psyche to custom design the perfect all-day retreat for your crew

Select elements from any of Woven Psyche’s other event packages or course catalog, and let Woven Psyche recommend new, freshly tailored offerings to make your retreat as personal and special as possible – including custom designed guided meditations specifically developed for your retreat participants and their goals.

Retreat participants will receive hand block-printed journals to write down thoughts that come to them throughout the day, and which they can take home with them for further reflection.  Or, if you prefer, retreat activities can include a block printing tutorial in which your participants decorate their own journals.

Basic Nefertiti packages – 6 to 8 hour retreats for which you provide the venue and select from a menu of Woven Psyche’s offerings  – begin at $900.  3 to 4 hour half-day retreats are also available.

You also have the option to take advantage, at a higher rate, of a full suite of additional event planning services, which can include everything from venue and food selection to locating and supervising additional service providers (e.g., yoga instructors, photographers, craft teachers, henna artists), creating thematic goodie bags for your guests, decorating services and/or making transportation and lodging arrangements.

Reach out to Woven Psyche at with a description of your ideal retreat and receive an exact quote.


A note on travel expenses – for centrally located, D.C. area, Metro accessible locations you will not be charged for Woven Psyche’s travel expenses.  If you would like Woven Psyche to provide services at an event outside the D.C. area or in a D.C. area location that is difficult to access, additional charges for travel expenses and/or travel time may apply.




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