Private Events


Planning a birthday party, bridal shower, girlfriends brunch or other special event and want to do something different?  

Woven Psyche can help you create the a perfect tarot, mindfulness and/or magic event that everyone will remember for years to come.  Below are just some of the options available to you, as Woven Psyche can custom blend the perfect selection of activities to give you the exact event you want.  Need a venue?  Woven Psyche can arrange venue space for your event for an additional charge.  You provide the food and drink.

E-mail for more information or to book.  You can also learn more about Woven Psyche event policies by checking out the FAQ.


Types of Woven Psyche private events:

Tarot Reading Party

Whether you want to make tarot readings one available activity at a larger event, or would like tarot to be the main event, my base rate is $60 per hour to provide tarot readings for your guests, with 1 hour minimum and a paid 15 minute break every 2 hours.  Depending on the location of your event, I may also ask to be reimbursed for travel time and/or expenses.

For intimate groups of 10 or fewer you and your guests are welcome to enjoy individual readings one-on-one in a private space, in which case I can propose a number of activities to occupy the larger group while others are being read, or to enjoy readings that engage the entire group.


Private Class

Any ticketed Woven Psyche class can be brought to you and made available to you and up to 15 invitees. You can peruse my course offerings here.  Price per attendee is the same as the usual ticket price for that class with a $200 minimum, however private classes of 5 or more individuals will receive a 20% group discount so long as the $200 minimum is met.  Depending on the location of your event, I may also ask to be reimbursed for travel time and/or expenses.  I can take a single group payment or make arrangements for each attendee to pay individually.


Mixed Activity Event

Interested in trying out a little bit of this, a little bit of that?  Woven Psyche offers a wide variety of spiritual, mindfulness. crafting and self-care activities for you to pick and choose from, including tarot, magic, guided meditation, a wide variety of arts and crafts, spa and aromatherapy rituals, and more.  Pick what interests you and Woven Psyche will design an event that briefly showcases a number of different arts.

I also enjoy connections with a number of amazing, gifted women throughout the Washington D.C. area with unique specialties such as yoga instruction, vision boarding, reiki, hypnosis, astrology, general wellness, fine art and music, and can reach out to them about teaming up to lead an awesome private event custom tailored to your needs.

Pricing for this type of event varies.


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