Private Events and Classes

Woven psyche private events and classes are a great option for a totally unique birthday party, bachelorette party or other personal celebration for 5-15 people.  Woven Psyche is also available to provide tarot and other services at larger celebrations, fundraisers and corporate events.  Check out the offerings below or view the FAQ page for Woven Psyche’s policies.




Private Classes

Any class from the Woven Psyche course catalog can be brought to you and hosted in your home or a private event space of your choosing.  Click here to see what classes Woven Psyche offers.  Prices are as listed per person, with a 20% discount for private classes with 5 or more people and a $200 minimum.  You can make a single large payment or arrange to have everyone pay individually.

Private Tarot Parties

Bring your friends together for an event that is totally different.  Events like “breakfast and tarot” or a “tarot cocktail party” work really well.  You provide the food, Woven Psyche provides the tarot.  Enjoy fun, casual tarot readings with everyone in a group setting, or arrange for each attendee to receive her own reading in a separate space while the rest of the group enjoys conversation and other activities.  $60 per hour with a two hour minimum.

Large Events

Woven Psyche is available to do provide readings at larger events, such as a wedding, bat mitzvah, charity fundraiser or corporate retreat.  My rate is the same as for my one-on-one readings: $60/hour.  For larger events I request a 2 hour minimum with a 15 minute break every 2 hours.  See the FAQ to view travel and other policies.

Woven Psyche offers pro bono and sliding scale services for 501(c)(3) organizations and charitable causes.  To request free tarot readings at a charity event or fundraiser, e-mail with a description of the event and the cause or organization the event will benefit.

Custom and Combined Events

Combine classes together, or a class and a tarot party, for a special package rate and a whole day of amazing, unique programming just for you and your pals.  Woven Psyche can also work with you to design a custom tarot, mindfulness and/or self-care event uniquely tailored to you and your group.  Woven Psyche also maintains a network of likeminded DC area new age practitioners and self-care service providers and can bring in partners to offer a truly multifaceted experience for your guests.

E-mail for more information or to book.  You can also learn more about Woven Psyche event policies by checking out the FAQ.







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