Mission and Philosophy

Woven Psyche’s Mission is to promote self care by weaving together creativity, intuition, mindfulness and luxury for unique experiences that enrich mind, body and soul.

Woven Psyche offers an accessible, down-to-Earth approach to tarot and other esoteric or spiritual practices.  Woven Psyche’s services are specifically designed for science-minded urban professionals looking to achieve a sense of spiritual groundedness and connection without sacrificing their existing lifestyle or world view.  Woven Psyche believes in free will, and therefore does not view tarot cards as a device for predicting the future or telling fortunes.  Rather, tarot is an excellent self-empowerment tool that helps us make decisions and choose our own destinies (for a full description of my philosophy on how tarot works and what tarot can be used for, click here).

Woven Psyche is dedicated to demystifying the mystical, to bringing about what I call everyday magic, to exploring the sacred feminine, to creating enriching social experiences and a sense of community, and to encouraging mindfulness and self-care through tarot and other esoteric practices, as well as creative expression and a sense of luxury.


Woven Psyche offers a variety of personal enrichment opportunities in the Washington, D.C. area and beyond with this mission and philosophy in mind:

  • Private, one-on-one tarot readings in-person or by phone
  • Private tarot parties
  • Private tarot workshops and other classes
  • Tarot services at larger parties or events
  • Corporate and business services
  • Ticketed classes and other ticketed events
  • Self-care, spa, and mindfulness programming
  • Intuitive Development
  • Guided meditation services





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IG: wovenpsyche

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