About Emily

14556657_10100573526041109_1933609564789184147_oI founded Woven Psyche because I was looking for a means of reconciling my passions.  Having been a serious tarot practitioner for years, but also an avid fiber artist, musician, and all around lover of fine and creative things, I was struggling to develop a sense of cohesion.  I always wanted to try a new craft, or find ways to incorporate some new skill into what I was already doing, but with little success (and this is all on top of my day job).  I was being constantly pulled in different directions, a jack of all trades, good at everything great at nothing.  Oh, and did I mention poker?  And wine?  And my oddly specific passion for tablescapes?

Then a few teaching opportunities fell in my lap, and suddenly everything became clear.  The added elements of teaching and sharing have brought a common thread to my various passions because conveying them to others has required me to distill them down to their core essence.  And through that process I have discovered that creativity and intuition are both avenues of meditation, of self care, and of personal self-discovery, and are infinitely more connected than I had ever imagined them to be.  Founding Woven Psyche has enabled me to seamlessly interweave all of the varied creative and intuitive facets of my life.

The name “Woven Psyche” refers to the understanding that each different creative and intuitive endeavor we may view as separate are actually all similar and connected.  Not only is it a nod to my love of fiber craft and the recent addition of weaving to my artistic repertoire,  it also reflects my desire to interweave all of the skills, philosophies, hobbies, experiences and tricks I have discovered throughout my many, many, many many many creative and intuitive pursuits.  It weaves together many different expressions of artistry, tactile creation, intuition, community,  personal empowerment and meditative practice into a single cohesive whole.

I invite you to join me in exploring these various passions together, and may we all one day evolve our own seamlessly woven psyches.

Expertise and Experience

I have been reading tarot cards since high school, and have considered myself a “serious” tarot practitioner since 2010, when I joined a local tarot organization.  Since then I have become a founding member of the Capital Tarot Society, where I am currently a co-facilitator and frequent presenter and tarot educator.  I also have significant experience providing tarot readings to clients both in-person in the D.C. area and to clients worldwide online.

I should note that I am NOT a psychic.  Rather, I am someone who has a lot of experience and talent for using tarot cards as a mindfulness, meditation and self-empowerment tool, and to help others engage in a thoughtful decision-making process that enables them to take control of their own destiny.



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