About Emily

14556657_10100573526041109_1933609564789184147_oI founded Woven Psyche in 2018 because I was looking for a means of reconciling my passions.  I had been a serious tarot practitioner for years, but also had a full time job that had nothing to do with tarot.  I founded Woven Psyche as a part-time business, teaching tarot classes out of a collective art studio in downtown Washington, D.C., to be able to further explore my passion for tarot in a way that fit my values and lifestyle.  Also an artist and crafter, teaching tarot in an artistic space allowed me to explore a variety of different interests, including how tarot could be integrated with other self care and artistic pursuits.  I taught additional classes such as Perfume-Making and Magic 101.  I later began offering in-person, one-on-one tarot readings out of a downtown coworking space, and presenting keynotes on tarot and feminism at community organizations.

Like many other small business owners, I had to pivot during the COVID-19 pandemic.  I took Woven Psyche online and expanded into business consulting for tarot and other spiritual businesses, leveraging the skills I had developed through my separate, full-time career.

A nod to my love for fiber craft, the name “Woven Psyche” refers to the understanding that each different creative and intuitive endeavor we may view as separate are actually all similar and connected.   It weaves together many different expressions of artistry, tactile creation, intuition, community, personal empowerment and meditative practice into a single cohesive whole.  While this name was originally inspired by my interest in blending tarot with self care and art, I believe that it is even more accurate now, as Woven Psyche has enabled me to integrate my hard-earned business acumen into my passion project by helping other tarot readers succeed.

Expertise and Experience

I have been reading tarot cards since high school, and have considered myself a “serious” tarot practitioner since 2010, when I joined a local tarot organization.  Since then I have become a founding member of the Capital Tarot Society, where I am currently a co-facilitator and frequent presenter and tarot educator.  I also have significant experience providing tarot readings to clients both in-person in the D.C. area and to clients worldwide online.  In another part of my life, I ran the legal program at a national non-profit organization for many years, and now head up a divisional department at a major corporation.

I should note that I am NOT a psychic.  Rather, I am someone who has a lot of experience and talent for using tarot cards as a mindfulness, meditation and self-empowerment tool, and to help others engage in a thoughtful decision-making process that enables them to take control of their own destiny.

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