What Should Clients Bring to a Tarot Reading?

Generally speaking clients don’t need to bring anything to a reading.  Depending on where we are meeting you may want to bring a bottled beverage.  Clients are also encouraged, if they like, to bring something to take notes during the reading and/or to bring a smartphone or other camera to take pictures of the reading.

I do require a chair and a clean surface on which to perform tarot readings, so if I am meeting you in your home or other private venue you have selected please make sure a chair and clean surface are available.  I provide my own snacks and beverages and will never ask you to supply these items.


Where are Woven Psyche services available?

I am able to meet you throughout the Washington, DC area to provide a private individual or group tarot reading, to read tarot at events, to teach one of my regular classes to you and a group of friends, or to provide a custom tarot, mindfulness or magic themed activity.  Whether travel charges apply will depend on the exact location of the event.  The areas in which I am most frequently available are Rosslyn/Arlington and Dupont/Farragut, and travel charges will never apply to services provided in those areas.

I also teach a variety of classes  at The Lemon Collective in the Petworth/Shaw area of Washington, DC and am hoping to expand into additional DC area venues in the future.  In addition, I have reserved specific time blocks in which to provide private tarot readings to individual clients at The Lemon Collective.  To reserve a time block for a private tarot reading at The Lemon Collective, click here.

In what kind of venue can I receive a Woven Psyche tarot reading or other private service?

I am happy to meet you in your home (after properly getting to know you via e-mail), at your office, at an event space, or in a public space of your choosing, such as a coffee shop or library.  If you would prefer your reading to take place in a private space but would prefer not to have the reading take place in your home, I can rent a professional meeting room by the hour for an additional charge.  You can also book a private reading with me at The Lemon Collective.

What do Woven Psyche services cost?

For private individual readings, private group readings and reading at larger events my base rate is $60/hour with a one hour minimum.

My ticketed classes and events vary in price, but generally range from $30 to $100 for classes depending on the length of the class.  Occasional retreats and more involved events will be priced higher.  The price for ticketed events will always be listed on the event listing.

For custom designed private events and activities, please reach out to me at wovenpsyche@gmail.com for a proposal and quote.

If your reading or event requires me to travel particularly out of my way, or is far from the Metro, I may ask you to reimburse me for the cost of an Uber and/or apply my hourly rate to travel time.

Meeting Space
I don’t operate out of a storefront – I come to you!  For this reason I don’t have a physical space where I regularly perform readings.   If you would like me to provide a private meeting space other than The Lemon Collective and Petworth, where I am already a member, I have the ability to rent private meeting spaces by the hour.  I would ask you to pay the cost of renting this space, which generally begins at $39/hour.

Please also note that for longer events I ask for a paid 15 minute break every two hours.


How do you take payment?

My preferred method of payment is Venmo but I can also accept payment via PayPal.  I require advance payment in full for my services.  For events and pre-scheduled reading  blocks at The Lemon Collective, you can pay directly through the Eventbrite website.


What is Your Refund and Cancellation Policy?

I do not provide refunds, however if you need to cancel and let me know at least 24 hours in advance I will provide you with a credit for the amount paid toward a future reading or event (for some of my events, particularly events that require me to purchase food or other supplies,  I may require more than 24 hours notice to offer a credit, in which case this will be specified in the event listing or over e-mail).


What if I Don’t Show Up or Show Up Late?

Individuals who do not show up for a class or reading without contacting me to cancel at least 24 hours in advance will not receive credits except in cases of personal emergency.  Personal emergencies include medical issues, inclement weather, plumbing and maintenance issues, or public transportation failures.  They do not include being held late at work.  If you are running late for an individual reading I will wait at least 15 minutes if I have not heard from you and at least half an hour if I have heard from you.  Classes and events with multiple attendees will always start on time.


Does Woven Psyche Ever Cancel Events or Readings?

Yes.  I will cancel classes/events or readings if I am experiencing medical issues, if I have a family emergency, if there are widespread public transportation failures, or if there is severely inclement weather.  For classes and ticketed events I will also cancel if there simply aren’t enough participants signed up to make it an enriching experience.  If I cancel for any reason you will receive a full refund.  I also do my best to provide as much advance notice as possible.


Does Woven Psyche Reserve the Right to Terminate an Event or Reading Early, or to otherwise refuse services?

Yes. I reserve the right to terminate a reading or other event or service upon or after arrival if I am made to feel unsafe or physically or sexually uncomfortable in any way, if the space provided by the client is unsanitary, if I am subjected to harassment, or if anyone present attempts to proselytize me. I also refuse to provide services where the client’s intentions are overtly malicious (for example, the client wants to use magic to cause severe physical harm to another person).  I will not provide refunds or credits for payments already made in the event that I terminate or refuse services under these circumstances.


Any other questions?  E-mail wovenpsyche@gmail.com.

IG: wovenpsyche

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