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Woven Psyche’s Online Tarot Classroom offers 18+ hours of online video training content with direct access to an experienced, professional tarot expert for guidance and Q&A.

“I created a system for teaching tarot that contains all the things I wish I’d been taught when I was first struggling to learn tarot.” – Emily, Woven Psyche’s founder

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Why Learn Tarot?


In today’s tech-filled world many crave a sense of spiritual connection, but aren’t interested in traditional religion.

Tarot offers an opportunity to dig deeper, connect, and enjoy a sense of greater purpose and receptivity to universal wisdom, but without dogma or restriction. Tarot lets you explore your own intuition and develops deeper, spiritual wisdom from within, while connecting on a meaningful level with others through the tarot reading process.


Some of us need help taking our self care and mindfulness practice beyond the day spa or yoga mat.

Tarot helps us look within and experience our deepest emotions and intuition, while also setting personal goals and action plans for the future.  Modern tarot practice isn’t fortune-telling, but a self-empowering mindfulness practice that helps us work through conflict, undo self-doubt, discover our best selves and craft the futures we want.


Many of us need an opportunity to talk through our emotions with another person, but are not looking for therapy.

Everyone occasionally needs to talk through their thoughts and emotions, and sometimes we crave feedback and guidance from an objective professional.  But we aren’t necessarily looking to be psychoanalyzed or diagnosed, and don’t want to commit to the intense, expensive, repeat sessions required by therapy. There are few services that offer this distinct blend of emotional assistance. Tarot fills the void by offering a low-commitment opportunity to sort out emotions in a structured way, and empowers users to get concrete, practical life guidance without the additional baggage.


Thoughtful, introspective, curious people are drawn to tarot and to other tarot practitioners.

The tarot community is a wonderful, supportive and close-knit group of people who are willing to think outside the box, explore new things and connect with others, all while also digging deeper to learn about themselves and experience spirituality.  When you become a tarot reader, an entirely new social world opens up for you, including everything from local, in-person tarot clubs to intellectual discussion forums to new Instagram and Facebook friends.  Tarot also gives you a tool to get closer to those already in your life and an interesting new discussion starter at parties and other social events.

But many people who seek to learn tarot struggle with the same hurdles:

  • Having a tarot deck but no idea how to use it.

  • Making the leap from studying tarot books to performing actual live readings.

  • Having to rely on card meanings found in books or online, and struggling to apply them in the context of a reading.

  • Getting stuck during tarot readings, not knowing what to say, not connecting with the other person, or finding that your tarot readings are just falling flat.

  • Lacking the confidence you need to level up a tarot hobby or to begin charging for readings.


Woven Psyche can help.

Packed with content from a seasoned tarot reader and educator, Woven Psyche’s Online Tarot Classroom provides all the training and support you need to begin offering confident, intuitive, professional-quality tarot readings.You will never need to spend money on another tarot class or book again, unless you want to.




Emily from Woven Psyche has over 10 years of professional experience reading and teaching others to read tarot.  She has hosted myriad in-person tarot workshops from tarot for beginners to more advanced topics like reading past lives.  Emily also works with diverse partner organizations, and is co-facilitator of the Capital Tarot Society.

*portrait photo credit Seana Shuchart Photography

Click here to hear Emily speak about the inspiration behind the Online Tarot Classroom.


The Woven Psyche Online Tarot Classroom offers Emily’s time-tested educational tarot content in a unique environment that lets you learn at your own pace.


Perks of Classroom membership:

  • A single, one-time payment for unlimited Classroom access

  • Hours of educational video content

  • Direct access to Emily for Q&A

  • Access anywhere, anytime


“The Online Tarot Classroom is so transformational.  Before I started I would never have envisioned myself as someone who would read tarot for anyone other than myself, and now I’m doing tarot as part of my business.”

-Eliza D.

“I’m wrapping up Unit 5 and your videos have been WAY more helpful than the book that came with my tarot deck.”

-Kelsey Y.

“I feel like you really help me ground the tarot and not get lost in the esoteric sauce.”

-Kara W.

“It has been a joy to learn from you!”

-Kelsey D.


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Click here for an outline of all materials currently posted to the classroom



How does the Woven Psyche Online Tarot Classroom work?

The Woven Psyche Online Tarot Classroom is comprised of several hours of educational video content.  There are two ways to access Classroom content.  Students have the option to have a Dropbox linked mailed to them, which will enable them to access all classroom videos and supplemental materials.  Additionally, students with Facebook accounts have the option to join the private Woven Psyche Online Tarot Classroom Facebook group, which will enable them to view Classroom video content directly through Facebook, which has additional features like the ability to take knowledge quizzes and post comments and questions that are visible to other Classroom members.  In both cases, Classroom members have unlimited access to Emily via e-mail at for tarot learning-related questions.

Upon signup and payment, students will receive an e-mail with links to access online video content and/or to join the Facebook group.

How does pricing work?

Students will pay a one-time membership fee for unlimited, ongoing access to all of the Classroom’s educational content. This membership will continue throughout the life of the Classroom. 

How long does Classroom access last?

Members who pay a one-time fee enjoy access to the Woven Psyche Tarot Classroom as long as the Classroom exists. If factors arise that force Woven Psyche to stop offering the classroom, members who have had access to the Classroom for less than one year at that time will each be refunded a prorated share of the membership fee paid as though the fee was for one year of access (e.g., if the Classroom is shut down after 11 months, each member will receive a refund of 1/12 of what she originally paid).  Members who have had access to Classroom content for more than a year will not receive refunds.

Classroom members will also enjoy access to the Classroom’s Facebook Group as long as they maintain a Facebook account and as long as Woven Psyche continues to maintain the Facebook Group.  As the Facebook platform is continuously changing, and as fewer users are actively engaging with Facebook over time, which could in the future render the Facebook Group less effective, Woven Psyche reserves the right to terminate the Classroom Facebook Group at any time whether or not Woven Psyche continues to offer the Classroom via Dropbox or other platforms.

Woven Psyche reserves the right to eliminate access, without refund, to online course materials and/or to the Facebook group for any member who abuses the Classroom rules (see later FAQ).

What content will be available when I join?

The Classroom contains hours of video content covering what students need to get started, significantly more in-depth coverage of all of the information from Woven Psyche’s in-person Beginner’s Tarot Workshop, and advanced topics such as reading reversed cards, working with birth cards, and how to deal with difficult clients and situations.  It also covers additional advanced tarot techniques, practice tips, and guest speaker content.  Click here for an outline of all videos and other materials currently posted to the Classroom.

What is Woven Psyche’s refund policy?

Except as otherwise noted here, Woven Psyche does not offer refunds, credits or exchanges once a membership fee has been paid. Woven Psyche reserves the right to make exceptions to this policy on a case-by-case basis, at Woven Psyche’s discretion.

What rules must members observe to retain their Classroom membership?

Act with civility at all times in their interaction with Emily from Woven Psyche and other Classroom members or other Woven Psyche clients

Make membership payment in full based on the pricing that is current at the time of payment.  Classroom payers must not seek to reclaim or revoke payment via a third party processor, financial or banking institution at any time without prior authorization from Woven Psyche

Never seek to proselytize to any member of the Classroom community

Do not seek to sell goods or services to members of the Classroom community

Refrain from sharing any Classroom educational content or Facebook group content, including comments, with anyone outside the Classroom community

Refrain from disparaging Emily, Woven Psyche or any member of the Classroom community to any third party, and from disparaging any of the Classroom’s educational content, publicly or within the Classroom’s Facebook group.

Observe any additional rules that may be posted directly within the Classroom Facebook community.

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