Instagram for Tarot Readers

Instagram for Tarot Readers combines highly researched Instagram marketing wisdom with tailored recommendations and prompts specific to the tarot industry. The result is a class that guides tarot readers through setting up and growing a powerful Instagram presence that attracts new followers and converts followers into clients.

“So helpful and much to think about. The workbooks are fab.” – Fiona W.

“Your Instagram for Tarot Readers class is the bomb!”
– Sue R.

“Your course is awesome! I’m learning SO much that is specific to tarot readers. Especially my target audience!”
– Jennifer S.

Watch the class introduction video:

This class is for you if you are a tarot reader and you…

  • Are frustrated by slow follower growth on Instagram
  • Feel like you don’t have a strong online brand or presence for your tarot business
  • Are intimidated or daunted by the idea of showing up online
  • Find it hard to come up with ideas for what to post, or that creating content is super time-consuming
  • Need help forging better relationships with your followers and turning followers into paid clients

What you get with Instagram for Tarot Readers:

  • 3 video trainings covering the basics of branding, content, and engagement in ways that are specifically designed for the tarot industry
  • 3 editable workbooks in Word format packed with journaling prompts to help you better understand your target customer, develop your branding, brainstorm epic content, and build your engagement strategy
  • Live, one-on-one access to Emily from Woven Psyche for questions about implementing the recommendations discussed in the videos and workbooks, via e-mail or Zoom

Terms & Conditions / FAQs

By purchasing access to this class, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

How Long Is Each Training Video?
The training videos range from approximately 45 minutes to approximately 90 minutes

How Are Class Materials Delivered Once I Sign Up?
Once Woven Psyche receives your payment, Woven Psyche will reach out to you via the e-mail address you provided with a link to a Dropbox folder containing all training videos and workbooks. Workbooks will be delivered in Word format for ease of use. You will have the ability to view these materials using your web browser and/or to download them as needed.

How does Live One-on-One Access Work?
Once you have completed all three training videos and workbooks, you can reach out to Woven Psyche via e-mail to set up your included one-on-one consultation. You have two format options: 1) you can send 3 specific questions via e-mail, or 2) you can schedule a free 15 minute Zoom call with Emily. Woven Psyche recommends that you spend a few weeks implementing and trying out what you learned in the videos and workbooks before reaching out in order to maximize the value you get from Woven Psyche’s feedback.

What is Woven Psyche’s Return Policy for this Class?
Once a Dropbox link has been provided to you Woven Psyche cannot offer returns, credits or exchanges of any kind for this class for any reason or under any circumstances. By purchasing access to this class, you agree not to pursue chargebacks in violation of this return policy through any third party (such as a bank, credit card company or payment processor). Woven Psyche reserves the right to dispute chargebacks and to take additional legal action against individuals who make fraudulent claims in an attempt to violate this return policy.

Does Woven Psyche Guarantee Results?
While Woven Psyche is confident in the value of this class, Woven Psyche cannot and does not guarantee any kind of result or outcome. This is because results will vary depending on the individual business model and circumstances of class participants, as well as the time and effort class participants put into implementing the techniques and recommendations provided in this class. Woven Psyche is also unable to predict future changes to the Instagram platform that may change the accuracy or efficacy of class content.

Can I Share Class Content with Others??
No. You may not share any of the videos or workbooks that make up this class, in whole or in part, publicly or privately with any other individual. You may not provide the Dropbox link to this class to any other individual. If it is determined that you have shared class materials with anyone else your access to class materials will be revoked, you will be banned from taking advantage of any other Woven Psyche services, and you will be charged for the full cost of class participation for each individual with whom you shared materials from this class.

How Long Does Access to Class Materials Last?
Individuals who pay for this class have the right to unlimited personal access to class materials as long as Woven Psyche continues to offer this class. Woven Psyche reserves the right to change the method of hosting or delivering class materials at any time, to temporarily take down class materials in order to perform maintenance and updates, or to stop offering this class at any time for any reason. Woven Psyche also cannot be responsible for temporary outages that may occur because of technical issues experienced by the third party that is hosting the classroom materials (Dropbox). Woven Psyche recommends that class participants download class materials in order to ensure uninterrupted access and so that participants can continue to view these materials in the event that Woven Psyche discontinues the class. If you run into any problems viewing or downloading the class materials, please reach out to Woven Psyche for assistance.

Does Woven Psyche Guarantee that All Information in this Class is Accurate?
Woven Psyche did extensive research and testing before developing the content for this class. However, Instagram is notorious both for being secretive about its algorithm and for regularly changing its algorithm and other features. Therefore, much of the content in this class is based on secondary sources of information or Woven Psyche’s direct experience. Woven Psyche is therefore unable to guarantee 100% accuracy of the content in this class. All of the information contained in this class is subject to change, without warning, and may fall out of date as Instagram alters its terms, algorithm, user interface and features.

Is Woven Psyche Affiliated with Instagram in Any Way?
Aside from being an avid user of Instagram, Woven Psyche is not affiliated in any way with Instagram or its parent company, Facebook. Woven Psyche is not a representative of Instagram and cannot speak on behalf of Instagram. Content in this class is based solely on Woven Psyche’s experience using Instagram and on third-party sources of information about Instagram, and has not been reviewed or confirmed by any representative of Instagram.

Mailing List Policy
By paying for this class and providing your e-mail to Woven Psyche, you consent to Woven Psyche adding your e-mail address to Woven Psyche’s mailing list. All mailing list e-mails from Woven Psyche contain an unsubscribe link that will allow you to opt out as desired.

Disclaimer of Liability
Woven Psyche disclaims any and all liability for any negative consequences that class participants may incur based on actions taken in reliance on the information provided in this class. This class provides helpful , general guidelines for using Instagram but does not guarantee results, cannot predict unilateral changes made by Instagram to its app, and is unable to account for the individual choices made by each class participant or how the guidance provided in this class will ultimately impact each individual class participant’s Instagram user account. Class participants register, view, and take action based on the information provided in this class at their own risk and discretion. Woven Psyche will not be held liable if class participants later take actions that cause them to be penalized, action-blocked or banned by Instagram from the use of its platform or for any violations by class participants of Instagram’s terms of service or any negative consequences stemming from such violation experienced by class participants, Instagram or third parties.