Integrate Tarot Into Your Business Offerings

Are you a wellness entrepreneur looking to offer your clients more magic?

Many coaches and other wellness entrepreneurs – from confidence and intimacy coaches, to doulas and nutritionists, to hypnotherapists and yoga instructors – are looking to add more magic and ritual into their service offerings.

Maybe you’ve already purchased an oracle deck or begun including crystals in your branding photos, but don’t know where to go next.

Maybe you’d like to capitalize on tarot’s increasing mainstream popularity but are daunted by – or even afraid of – offering tarot as part of your business.

Maybe you’re aware that pulling an oracle card doesn’t create the same powerful impression on clients as offering the true expertise of a tarot reader.

Maybe you have an oracle or tarot deck, but don’t feel confident enough in your skills as a card reader to turn it into a serious money-maker.

Tarot is a deeply powerful mindfulness and self care tool, one with rich history and intriguing complexity. Once you learn to harness the power of tarot, you can entice new clients and thrill existing ones with your mastery and expertise, and – most importantly – with the clarity and empowerment they will enjoy as a result. Your tarot expertise will distinguish you from other practitioners in your industry, establish you as a multi-disciplinary authority, and empower you to earn more income because of the increased value you offer.

Woven Psyche’s unique Tarot Business Integration Program not only teaches you tarot using natural, intuitive methods, but also helps you monetize your newfound expertise and integrate tarot into your existing business model.

Program participants enjoy:

  • Unlimited permanent access to Woven Psyche’s Online Tarot Classroom
  • 4 weekly coaching calls covering various stages in the integration process:
    • Unlocking Your Intuition
    • Developing Reading Confidence
    • Learning Tarot as a Service
    • Designing & Branding Your Unique Tarot Model
  • 4 weekly workbooks with exercises to help you both to jumpstart your tarot reading practice and seamlessly integrate tarot into your existing business offerings

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