Resources for Tarot & Wellness Businesses

Do you want to enjoy greater financial security and abundance by monetizing your tarot practice, but find yourself struggling to make that leap?

Do you already have a tarot business but find yourself struggling to grow and meet your income and lifestyle goals?

Are you a wellness practitioner or coach who would like to invite more magic into your business by integrating tarot into the services you provide your clients?

Woven Psyche offers you the support you need to confidently offer tarot services that increase your financial security with ease.

Receive 1-on-1 customized business advice and recommendations – completely tailored to your specific lifestyle challenges and income goals – with one of Woven Psyche’s Business Consulting Packages.

Woven Psyche’s Tarot Business Club Membership empowers Spiritual Entrepreneurs to grow successfully by translating traditional business concepts in the context of nontraditional, new age industries. For less than you can earn selling 1 tarot reading per month, gain access to this exclusive, article-format content.

Instagram for Tarot Readers combines highly researched Instagram marketing wisdom with tailored recommendations and prompts specific to the tarot industry. The result is a 3-module class – each with its own highly interactive workbook – that guides tarot readers through setting up and growing a powerful Instagram presence to attract new followers and convert those followers into clients.

“I’m so glad I decided to work with Emily as my tarot business coach. It’s been such a pleasure to work with her and have both an experienced reader and small business owner to ask for help. What I’m most impressed with is how much she pays attention and really listens to my ideas and visions – as unfinished as they may be. I feel like she really took the time to figure out what I was about before making recommendations, and she continues to keep an eye on how I’m evolving between our monthly calls.”

— Geneva V.