Self Care

Woven Psyche is, at its core, about self care.  The Woven Psyche self care philosophy is based on three cornerstones: Mindfulness, Creativity and Luxury.  Tarot is one part of a healthy overall mindfulness regimen, and plays an important role in self care.  But we must also focus on other aspects of self care.  For this reason Woven Psyche offers services beyond just tarot, including both services that combine tarot wisdom with other practices and tarot-independent services that speak to the soul and nurture the sacred feminine.

Woven Psyche is working with other self care and woman-oriented small businesses in the Washington, D.C. area to offer a wide variety collaborative programming.  On the docket are tarot/yoga retreats and creative arts workshops, as well as spa-inspired services and events that are all about treating ourselves luxuriously – because we deserve it.  More coming soon.

In the meantime, explore the luxurious component of self care with Woven Psyche’s custom perfume consultation  (Or arrange a perfume making workshop for you and your friends).