One-on-One Self Care Sessions


Woven Psyche offers one-on-one self care sessions that are grounded in tarot but offer so much more.  Each personal self care program is entirely customized to the needs of the client.  Whether you’re only looking for a single one-hour session to talk out your self care needs, seeking regular monthly check-ins, or looking for an all-day staycation, Woven Psyche can help you identify goals, help you develop a personal self care regimen, and coach you through a variety of mindfulness and ritual practices specifically geared toward your personal value system and lifestyle.

It starts with a free phone consultation to develop a sense of your needs and desires.  After that, Woven Psyche will deliver a custom, detailed proposal and price quote.  At that point, further discussion is encouraged to help refine and tweak until the program is exactly right for you.

Woven Psyche self care modalities include tarot, guided mindfulness meditation, aromatherapy, free association journaling, spiritual ritual, traditional pampering and confidence-building, and creative expression.  Clients who invest in longer, broad-scope self care programs are encouraged to begin with a baseline master reading.  Woven Psyche can also arrange to include combined sessions with other self care leaders in Woven Psyche’s network who have expertise in additional modalities (such as yoga, reiki, vision boarding, astrology, sound therapy, hypnosis, and more) so that no means of self care is off limits.

Example custom programs:

  • A series of 3 monthly one-hour sessions, each relying on the same core modalities to focus on a different goal each month, so that the client can build her own self care skills.

  • An all-day self care staycation involving combining traditional spa pampering in the morning with an afternoon deep dive into tarot-inspired intraspection and meditation, culminating in tarot over drinks with friends.

  • A two-hour tarot and crystal meditation intensive in a local meditation studio with assists from area yoga and reiki practitioners, ending with a closing candle ritual designed by Woven Psyche specifically to help the client seal her newly focused intentions.


Contact Woven Psyche to start planning your custom self care program.