Master Readings


Woven Psyche master readings use all 78 cards of the tarot deck to craft a single, personal profile that incorporates all of tarot’s archetypes and themes. While Woven Psyche’s everyday hourly tarot readings provide helpful guidance with specific questions in the here-and-now, Woven Psyche master readings offer a holistic, big picture approach, providing a more complete appraisal of larger life themes and long-term direction.

Perhaps the most spiritually attuned of Woven Psyche’s services, master readings can be a source of a la carte wisdom, act as a baseline for future readings, or form a jumping off point for a larger customized self care program.

Taking a day or more to complete, master readings start with an energy clearing ritual and meditation to ensure a dedicated and uninterrupted flow of inspiration, then involve hours of reading and interpretation, and end with the communication of channeled wisdom into pages of written information.

Clients ultimately receive an e-mailed packet of information that includes reading photographs and/or diagrams and written descriptions of lessons that came through during the reading broken down into useful, digestible segments.


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Master readings divide the 78 cards of the tarot into 6 randomized clusters of 13, each focusing on a different phase or aspect of the cosmic journey:

  • Past lives and karma
  • Current life purpose
  • Identity and personal growth journey
  • Challenges and setbacks
  • Relationships (helpers, healers, teachers)
  • Fulfillment, destiny and ultimate revelations

Together, these clusters pinpoint the exact life facet into which each of the tarot’s 78 energies is most fully integrated, as well as those energies that may be blocked or not fully realized, creating awareness of growth areas and blind spots.

Given the time-intensive nature of this service, and the need to block out a full day for completion, delivery usually takes a few weeks.  Exact delivery times vary depending on Woven Psyche’s availability.  Feel free to e-mail wovenpsyche @ in advance of purchase with any delivery or scheduling concerns.

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